Looking for a miracle? Look at yourself!


     God uniquely designed us to take part in our own healing process.  Not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally also. I would venture to say that the majority of people recover from most offenses against them. If we didn’t, then we wouldn’t be walking in forgiveness, and that would not be very Christian.  


     Imagine having a sheet of paper and one day tearing it or writing on it, only to discover that same sheet of paper whole again, with no writing on it, the next day. It’s unbelievable, so you do it again with a notebook this time. Writing on all the pages of the notebook and detaching all the sheets of paper in the notebook, placing it where only you can find it, only to come back to it a few days later completely whole again, with no writing, as if it were new. That would be a miracle, wouldn’t it? The supernatural would be occurring right before your eyes. A lot of us would think Jesus or the Holy Spirit supernaturally pieced the notebook back together as a sign to show you how much He cares for you. 


     This is how our bodies are created. They are like the supernaturally regenerating notebook. Our skin cells cycle, regenerating and renewing every 28 days. Recent studies have shown that the respiratory system has an extensive ability to respond to injury and regenerate lost or damaged cells. When people lift weights, microscopic damage (micro-tears) occurs to the myofibrils within the muscle fiber. These micro-tears stimulate the body’s repair response. The body delivers nutrients that flow to the muscle cells to repair the damage and to stimulate more myofibrils to grow. Each day, your immune system spots and destroys cells that could easily go on to become cancerous. There are countless of other instances that could be named that point to the wonders of the human body.


     Every day, our bodies go through the same process as the notebook getting torn and written on, only to wake up the next day whole and new again. That’s supernatural. That’s God. Yet we act so unaware. We act as if we aren’t already walking miracles. 


     We nonchalantly and ungratefully exist every day, waiting on the next big sign from Jesus, when He is saying, “Look at what I’ve already done. Honor Me in that first. Acknowledge that first. Show Me how grateful you are with that first, and then I will bless you with more. Show Me you can take care of what I’ve already given you first, and then you can partake in everything else I have for you.” 


     This isn’t just a physical principle; it’s spiritual and emotional as well. I’m just using a physical example. 


     When we begin to honor God’s creation and follow the instructions He gives for His design, our health and everything else prospers. If we open our eyes of understanding and begin to see God’s omniscience on display in His creation, then we can begin to praise and worship Him for all the things He’s done. We can understand that praise and worship are not just some words we say or sing. They are not just the beginning part of the church service, when musicians and singers lead the congregation in song. We understand that true worship is a lifestyle we are to live every day, giving glory and honor to our Creator as we live in obedience to Him. 


Chris Fields is the founder and executive director of H.E.A.L. Mississippi and a graduate in kinesiology with advance studies in nutrition. He serves as a clinical exercise physiologist/CPT and is credentialed in Exercise Is Medicine through American College of Sports Medicine.

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