by TERRI HERRINGLagniappe-1

This January 22, 2013, will mark the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs.Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion right up until birth. Over 55 million babies have died from abortion—more than all of our nation’s war fatalities combined. The so-called “War on Women” is actually a war on the unborn. Women are the second victims of abortion. Please let me make myself clear. We are not trying to make women feel worse about their decision to abort. We are striving to encourage women to choose life. Those of us who are endeavoring to end abortion want to make it unthinkable. For many, what is legal makes it is right, but abortion is the wrong solution for both mother and child.

Once again we find ourselves defending Mississippi’s new abortion regulations in the court. The new law HB1390 requires the abortion clinic doctors to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital. The abortion industry has operated below the standards of the rest of the medical community for far too long. Outpatient facilities across the state require all physicians to have hospital admitting privileges. This requirement provides the best medical care possible for the patient if an emergency occurs. Doctors can follow their patients to the hospital to provide necessary care in normal circumstances. Hospitals also check the doctor’s medical background to be sure they do not have an unusually high number of injuries, ensure that they have malpractice insurance, and are qualified for the procedures they are performing. There are currently at least seven other states with similar laws that have been upheld. This is the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.

District Judge Jordan, a President Bush appointee, will have a hearing to determine whether the new law is Constitutional under Roe. The clinic will claim these are impossible standards to meet and that those who proposed the law were not concerned about women’s health, but are simply interested in closing the clinic. This simply is not true. We lobbied the legislature with pictures of women injured at an abortion clinic in Birmingham. This clinic has the same abortion doctor and owner. After three women went to the emergency room in one day, the Alabama Department of Public Health closed the Birmingham clinic due to numerous violations. Mississippi has no obligation to keep an unsafe clinic open.

Elected officials must have the right to free speech and certainly have the right to be pro-life. Those who want this clinic open are openly opposing the law to remain open because they are pro-abortion. Women and unborn children are at the mercy of the court once again. The clinic must either meet the same standards as the rest of the medical facilities, or it will have to close unless the Judge issues a Permanent Injunction preventing the law from going into effect. We are reminded again of the importance of how a presidential appointee to any federal court is for life and determines the fate of all preborn children.

This abortion clinic aborts babies up to four months gestation. These second trimester abortions are made possible because Dr. Carl Reddix is the “medical director” for the clinic; and while he supposedly does not perform any abortions, he provides the clinic with compliance to previous abortion laws. Just think—in 5 more months over one million families who are waiting for a newborn to call their own could adopt these babies.

If the last abortion clinic in Mississippi closes, it will be because it is unable to provide adequate care for women. It is a lie to say that abortion is simple, good healthcare for women. Those of us who are involved in pro-life ministry see firsthand the physical and emotional wounds women suffer from abortion.

Our elected officials are outspoken about being pro-life. Suddenly we find ourselves defending our right to free speech to prevent it from being used against us in court. The intent of this law is to protect the health and safety of women. If it results in closing the last abortion clinic, then Mississippi will be a better place!

We will have a Memorial Service in the State Capitol Rotunda, Tuesday, January 22, at Noon to remember the lives that have been lost in this war on the unborn and discuss our PLAN for a future of equal protection under the law. Please help us bring Mississippi back to LIFE.

Terri Herring, PLAN, (Pro Life American Network) or email at