The Pregnancy Resource Act is a new opportunity for businesses to redirect their tax liability to invest in the life-saving work of pregnancy centers that serve women in crisis situations. 


      This law creates a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR tax credit (not deduction) to businesses that make a voluntary cash donation to pregnancy resource charitable organizations (PRCOs) such as the CPC Metro. 


      The credit can be for as much as 50 percent of the business’ state income tax liability, insurance premium tax liability, or for non-corporations, real property ad valorem liability. 


      The credit can carry forward for up to 5 years. 


      There is a capped limit of $3.5 million in allocated funds for 2022. 


      Credits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply ASAP! 


     This is a great opportunity for businesses to use their tax dollars to progress life-affirming resources that will change the lives of women and families!  


     The CPC Metro has served women in Hinds, Rankin and Madison counties since 1988. The work of pregnancy centers is vital to meeting the needs of women in Mississippi. Centers like the CPC Metro provide women in communities all across our state a safe place to talk through their pregnancy decision, learn about resources and support available to them, and ultimately make an informed choice about their pregnancy. PRCOs ensure that NO woman must face an unplanned pregnancy alone or believe the lie that abortion is the only option. The Pregnancy Resource Act allows businesses to help women get connected to the resources they need through their local pregnancy center.


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