Palmer Home—A Century of Caring for Children

What is Palmer Home for Children?

Palmer Home is a ministry to children in need; who, for any number of reasons, lack an adequate family structure. Since 1895, we have remained committed to helping children achieve their full God-given potential, however scarred or shattered their family background. Each child is received in a spirit of love, and we are committed to serving every aspect of his or her life. We long for healing and restoration. Over time, our children learn to overcome existing obstacles, build on valuable strengths and learn traditional family values.

Palmer-Home-Soiree-InfoWhat is the Mission?

Palmer Home is a faith driven organization acting on the conviction that Christians have a special responsibility to care for orphans. Our work is to soften the hearts that have been hardened by grief, and create a place “Where Hope Still Grows.”

What does Palmer Home provide?

Palmer Home provides residential care and foster care, as well as counseling and educational services, for as long as necessary including higher education opportunities.

What Makes Palmer Home Different?

Palmer Home is faith based and provides its services free of charge to needy children and families without regard to race or creed. We are able to serve individual children as well as large sibling groups. Palmer Home provides a family and a community to children in need regardless of race or gender.

How is Palmer Home Structured?

Palmer Home, a non-profit organization, is governed by a board of directors. We are completely privately funded, and supported by those who believe in our mission. We do not accept government funding. There are over two-dozen houseparents caring for up to 100 children at a given time. A staff of nearly 50 manages and maintains the organization, oversees the wellbeing of the children and manages two campuses.

How does Palmer Home Care for the children?

What makes Palmer Home for Children special is our commitment to every aspect of a child’s life. We recognize that every child is created in God’s image and therefore no dimension of their being is without value, dignity, and purpose. We believe every part of a child’s life is connected.

The Whole Child Initiative is a thoughtful approach to serving our children in four important areas:

1. Emotional Healing

Palmer Home for Children’s counseling staff offers trauma informed care and understands the impact of trauma to the development of children. Abandonment, neglect, and other forms of trauma can hinder the development and emotional health of a child. Palmer Home provides services and programs that support healing specific to these needs.

2. Educational Support

Palmer Home for Children provides educational testing to fully determine the academic level of each child. Children are placed in a classroom environment that will best facilitate their learning. Currently, we have children enrolled in public and private elementary and secondary schools. We also provide onsite education and tutoring to address various learning challenges. Children enrolled in college courses are coached through their post-secondary education, whether technical or academic. Every child’s learning experience is crafted with the goal of long-term success.

 3. Physical Development

Understanding the various physical needs of our children allows Palmer Home to quickly give attention where it is needed most. Meeting the physical needs can range from the simplest of things, shoes that fit so they can run and play in the grass, to the more complex needs—healthy diet, exercise, dental and medical treatment. At Palmer Home, it starts with a home; providing a bed, clothing, and a place to sit at the dining room table.

4. Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth for our children begins with our houseparents who serve as mentors and teachers. Our children hear the simple story of the Gospel and are led to develop the traits God desires: honesty, humility, kindness, courage, loyalty, determination, and love. Our children attend church with their family, pray together, participate in Bible studies and belong to various youth programs. Even though our children are served by those who support our mission, they also learn the value of serving others with their time and talents.

How do Palmer Home children transition to Independence?

Palmer Home strives to help each child shape a positive path for his or her future. Leaving Palmer Home is an eventual step that is challenging and exciting. To make this transition successful, we outline a plan for college, vocational school, or the work place, and coach them through the transition. Our commitment to their success extends beyond the time in our care. As our children begin to assume new responsibilities, we are never too far away. Wherever they go, they will always have what every young adult needs—a place to call home.

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