Communities Working to Unite Youth (CWUY), a 501c3 in Rankin County, will sponsor our 16th annual Embrace Freedom Day for abstinence on September 11. Embrace Freedom Day may be observed in our churches and communities on any day in September; for the past seven years, the month has been proclaimed as Embrace Freedom Month by Mississippi’s governors.  


     Now that Roe v Wade has been overturned, we believe that abstinence — no sex until marriage — is society’s only viable option. The choice to abstain from sexual activity until marriage is the safest way to honor God with our bodies and practice God’s way to avoid premarital diseases or out-of-wedlock pregnancies.   


     We pray that churches all over Mississippi will join us in giving the message of abstinence “one voice.” The Embrace Freedom initiative is the brainchild of CWUY, a dedicated group working for over 30 years to keep the message of abstinence alive. CWUY believes that as Christians, we cannot whisper this message of abstinence but must shout it from our rooftops. 


     The mandate for no sex until marriage has not been given to the world; it has been commanded by God to His people, the Church. By recognizing Embrace Freedom Day in the month of September at each of our churches, we are letting our youth and unmarried adults know that we are praying for them to make the right choice.