By Olivia Hornsby

Situation 1: My friend just told me she’s considering abortion.

This can be an anxiety-inducing situation. Even in Christian communities, this scenario isn’t uncommon. Research shows that 7 in 10 women who have had an abortion identify as a Christian. As shocking as it might feel, preparing yourself to compassionately and effectively offer hope and help is so important.

First, let your friend know she is safe, seen, heard, and worthy. For over 35 years, the heart of CPC Metro has been with the woman. The center of every conversation like this begins with the woman herself.

Second, you can educate yourself about local resources, like CPC Metro and our medical clinic, The Cline Center.

The Cline Center is here to help your friend who might be considering abortion. The Cline Center empowers the abortion-vulnerable woman and her choice for life by offering personalized support and truthful information. Encourage your friend to reach out to the Cline Center. Reassure her that as soon as she calls, someone will be there to listen without judgment and to help her find a way to move forward.

Situation 2: My friend just confided in me about a past abortion.

At CPC Metro, we know that abortion affects so many people. That’s why we offer an abortion recovery ministry (UN)covered JXN. (UN)covered is here to help your friend who shares about a past abortion. Led by post-abortive women, (UN)covered empowers the abortion-wounded woman and her healing journey through group support, one-on-one support, and abortion recovery weekend retreats.

Amy Martin, Abortion Recovery Manager with (UN)covered, offers some advice for speaking with a friend who shares a past abortion: 

“Listen patiently; don’t change the subject even though you may feel uncomfortable. Don’t condemn them; instead, reassure them that everyone makes mistakes, and their feelings of loss and regret are real. Many times, abortion-wounded people are looking for someone to blame. They may express anger toward themselves and others. Remind them of Jesus’ forgiveness and encourage them to seek God and to entrust their child to the care of God. Most people who are hurt because of a past abortion don’t know if there is help available or where to seek help. Encourage them to reach out to (UN)covered JXN.”

This January, Sanctity of Human Life Month, consider inviting CPC Metro to speak with your church or small group and learn more about how to empower the choice for abundant life in your community.

Olivia Hornsby works as the Client Outreach and Communications Manager at CPC Metro.