By Bryce Mott


WH11068345_10153273890729061_5365075797744603220_nAside from being appealing to the eye, there are much more important reasons for cleaning tile and grout. Much like your carpet requires routine cleaning to remove dust, dirt, grease, pet dander, odors, and allergens, a professional should also clean your tile and grout on a regular basis.

Over time, mold, mildew, bacteria, dirt and debris build up and get ingrained deep in the pores of your tile and especially your grout. Written In Stone specializes in restorative cleaning, which removes all deep-seeded soil build up and bacteria from your tile and grout.

WH12974340_10154088989324061_4362756897559849872_nWe also specialize in a revolutionary process called grout color sealing. If your grout is stained, you have a repair in which the grout does not match in certain areas or you just want to change the color of your grout to better compliment your tile, we offer stain proof grout color sealing that will make your floor look brand new. The sealant fills all the pores of your grout to make every day cleaning much easier and prevent it from ever getting stained.

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