Victim-of-Grace-Rave-Review-Cover-WebReaders familiar with Robin Jones Gunn’s fiction know the tenderness of spirit and sensitivity she infuses into her books. Now everyone has an opportunity to meet the woman behind the words, as Gunn opens her heart in Victim of Grace. She combines incidents from her life with stories of biblical women to illustrate God’s goodness even during challenging times.

From her kindergarten days through recent events, Gunn shows how God used what she believed to be obstacles to bless her in ways she couldn’t have imagined. In fact, her imagination was the first problem. Telling stories got her in trouble in her school days, but God used His gift of that ability to create books that have touched many lives.

Reaching the place where you can see yourself as a victim of grace rather than circumstances in more demanding situations is not an easy road. Robin does not offer simple answers to difficult questions. Barren seasons are challenging. She acknowledges the pain when life knocks you down, and appreciates that trusting God for the big picture often involves a choice to obey despite what you can understand.

Any woman who has struggled in life will find Victim of Grace encouraging. Those familiar with Robin’s other work will enjoy getting to know the author better in addition to learning from the lessons shared. Make yourself a cup of hot tea and sit down to relax with your sister, Robin, as you share the adventure of following Jesus.

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