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Kiara McDaniel is the mother of Kori McDaniel. Kori attends The Mission First Early Learning Center, an independent, Christian, play-based preschool located in Jackson. Kiara shares her testimony about the Mission First ELC.  

How did you find out about the Mission First Early Learning Center?

I heard about Mission First through a friend of a friend. Her children attended the Mission First Early Learning Center, and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about the school. Since this was Kori’s first school experience, I wanted an outstanding school!

How have you seen Kori grow at Mission First?

Kori’s academic growth has blown us away! The Early Learning Center makes learning fun, and Kori comes home every day excited to share what she has learned. Her teacher, Mrs. Mixon, was encouraging and great at communicating what Kori was learning.

Kori also grew socially. Only having an older sibling, Kori was not used to being with children her age. I have loved watching her develop friendships at the Early Learning Center.

But most importantly, I can tell Kori is developing her own relationship with God, and it is amazing to see! Her teachers have made the Bible easy to understand, and Kori comes home excited to recite Bible verses and share lessons she learned in chapel. This has sparked several impromptu Bible study moments with her Nana and PawPaw! She sings Bible songs all the time and has even taught us a few that we didn’t know. Kori has grown so much in one year at the Early Learning Center!

What is one thing you love about Mission First?

If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say the staff. Everyone at the Early Learning Center knows and loves Kori. The entire staff is welcoming, and I knew I could always reach out to her teachers or the administrators if I needed anything. You can tell the entire team loves what they do!

If you had to describe the ELC in a few words or phrases, what would they be?

Excellent education. Caring and involved staff.

Does Kori have a favorite class?

Kori loves all the special classes at the Early Learning Center, especially her weekly visits to the library! She also enjoys all of the sensory and play-based activities that take place in the classroom.

Do you have a memory from last year that was impactful?

On Kori’s birthday last year, she had to be out of school because she was sick, but her teachers didn’t want her to go without a celebration. Mrs. Mixon recorded the entire class singing “Happy Birthday” to Kori, and when Kori watched it, she cried. It made her feel loved, and as a mom, I felt incredibly thankful for her teacher’s kindness. You know it is a special school when the teachers intentionally love and care for each student, even outside of the classroom.

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