Robin and Terry Hutson on their wedding day with their children. Kids, from left: Jace Sheffield, Lili Grace, Kaden Knox, Landry James and Leeah Kate.


I was a single adoptive mom of 5 — until now


     Most every little girl dreams of a prince sweeping her away to live happily ever after. I had the same dream as a young girl. God has given me my dream. It just took a little longer and came about in a different way.   


     I grew up in the rural mountains of east Tennessee. In the area where I was raised, it was very unusual for a family member to leave the area. However, when I was offered a scholarship to a small Christian college here in Mississippi, my church and my parents supported me wholeheartedly. It’s amazing to see how God used that one decision to bring me to the place where I am today.


     After graduating from college, I began my career in education. I taught in a lower socioeconomic area. My heart would break at times when I would see the circumstances that some of my students lived in. I spent many years wishing and wondering how I could help these kids more outside the school.


     At times, I would feel that God was calling me to foster. However, I always would tell Him that there was no way. I was a single woman who worked full time.


     There came a point about 11 years ago, that I finally submitted to God’s plan and became licensed through CPS to foster. Most people thought I was crazy. After all, I was a 40-year-old single woman.


     My plans were to foster only one child at a time. I stuck to my plan for a couple of years, but as I learned to let go and trust in God to equip and strengthen me, my foster family kept growing. I now have five beautiful children that through fostering have become mine.


     While going through the adoption process, I would sometimes cry out to God and tell Him that I couldn’t parent alone. In fact, this is one of the reasons that I was reluctant to adopt. I believe that God intended for children to have a mother and father to raise them. Through much prayer, God’s Holy Spirit would always give me peace and remind me that He had a plan.


     Terry Hutson came into our lives about a year ago. We have been acquaintances for several years. He was an acquaintance of my family in Tennessee and a good friend of my brother. We were reacquainted at my childhood family camp that I took my children to last summer. God spoke to both of us and brought us together.


     Terry has four grown children and 13 grandchildren. He loves children and feels that he can help me make a difference in my five adopted children’s lives. I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun Christmas is going to be with all of our kids together! God is working in both Terry and me to heal past wounds and to help make these children what God intends for them to be.


     My life is a story of learning to surrender and trust. After struggling with what I wanted, I had to surrender my hopes, plans, and even dreams. I had to accept that God’s plan might not include a prince and children. By learning to trust God and believe that He loves me and always wants the best for me, I found total contentment and happiness.


     When I think about what God has done for us, Psalm 37:4 comes to mind: “Delight thyself in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”


     Robin and Terry were married at Sunset Hill, Sunnybrook Children’s Home’s hospitality home for foster families. If you know a family who could use encouragement, love and support, please recommend them to


Robin grew up in Dunlap, Tennessee. She retired from Rankin County Schools after teaching for 26 years, and she and the children will be moving back to Dunlap with Terry, who has a home renovation business there.

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