Kitchen Tune-Up


I know the God who knows ‘future me’


     My name is Aidan Albritton. I’m 16 and a junior in high school.


     Well, enough about me. I’d like to brag on God for a bit.


     I began following Jesus in February 2012. God has impacted my life a lot over the years.


     For most of my life, I attended a big church with a big congregation and a large youth group. Most kids went to the same school, so it was different being one of the only homeschoolers there.


     In 2017, God led our family to change churches. It was a big adjustment. I went from a youth group of 100 to less than 10. However, every person came from a different school and a different walk of life. Over the past three years I’ve been in the church, I’ve seen it grow into something truly special. There are now on average 25 people in the youth group, with about 12 schools represented. It’s been cool to watch God grow the youth group — not just numerically, but spiritually.


     Now, I say that I’m homeschooled, but I’m not always by myself at home. I take classes all over the Jackson area, and some of my classes are at Holmes Community College. God has placed me in this environment to show me what the world is like, and so I know how to be a light unto the world.


     Being at Holmes, and even in our church, has allowed me to experience diversity. Diversity in race, religion (Holmes), philosophies and thinking processes. This is what my church and school have done for me; they have helped me step out of my average, day-to-day life and experience new people.


     God has really helped me out in relationships with people. He has put wonderful people in my life. In seventh grade, I didn’t have any friends. I remember praying for friends in middle school. Over time, God has given me people who build me up and are good influences. Close friends have changed through the seasons, but God has tailored those relationships for each particular season. This has taught me to be thankful to God, and shows He is always looking out for me.


     Another way God has blessed me in relationships is by giving me two younger sisters. Living with them has taught me reason, compassion, grace and patience. Most of all, they help me stay unselfish. Having to live with two other people is always humbling because it shows me that my way is not always best. Both of my sisters swim on a year-round team, and I don’t. God has given me the grace to learn and the heart to appreciate their lives — and helped them learn to love and appreciate mine. And He has drawn us closer together through other things we do have in common.


     I think the biggest way God has affected me is through Super Summer. Super Summer is a Christian leadership camp that meets at Mississippi College. This past summer was my third year of Super Summer, and it was, I believe, the most impactful one (so far). God has given me a place to love, serve, and be kind and positive around people who are searching to know Him better like I am.


     Through Super Summer, God has helped me see more clearly the good in people and how He orchestrates every moment of our lives for a reason and for His glory. He sees me and knows what decisions I’ll make, and He uses everything I go through to shape me into who He’s making me to be.


     My favorite thing about God is the fact that He is both in the present and the future. God has “future me” always in mind, and His plan is going to be fulfilled in my life. I want to be always listening to the words and guidance the Holy Spirit has to offer. God’s end goal is that the world will know Jesus and choose to love Him. I want to be a part of that.


Aidan Albritton lives in the Madison area and is homeschooled. He and his family go to Grace City Church in Jackson. He loves playing disc golf with friends; theater productions (he’s playing King Claudius in “Hamlet” April 24-25 at the Madison Square Center for the Arts); serving as VP of the Student Government Association at the Christian Home Educators Connection; and he’s on the Jackson Victors track and field team.

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