From Orthodox Jew
to sold-out Christian


     Maybe Mark Jacob can help you.


     Christ’s work for my salvation is complete. No work of mine, Mark Jacob Siegal, can add to what He’s done. I bow down on both knees to worship at the Master’s feet and honor God the Father’s only Son, Jesus Christ — my Savior, Lord, protector, teacher and best friend!


     I am 67 years old. I was an Orthodox Jew until 45 years ago, when I gave 100 percent of my heart, body and soul to Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit.


     When I attended Beth Israel synagogue, Rabbi Perry Nussbaum bar mitzvahed me and confirmed me. I thank God for waiting for me.


     I now know He has watched me every day and blessed me. I used to tell my friends that Jesus had said, “You see that little Jewish child? One day Mark will give Me 100 percent of his heart, body and soul.”


     You’ve got to understand, in my family, Jesus’ name was never mentioned. And I always wondered why. When I was at Murrah High School, I was still a Jew. I graduated from Murrah in 1970.


     But then I started going to Belhaven College, which is now Belhaven University. Everyone there talked to me about Jesus. It was really a lot of my friends and the people at Belhaven that really showed me the way. And I know that God sent them to do that.


     I studied Jesus for a long time — it was probably a year or two of studying — and I knew it was time to give my life to Him. God had finally called Mark Jacob


     My family was irked by it. You’ve got to understand, they were Orthodox Jews, and they came from a different generation. I had a pretty big name at Beth Israel. It hurt my family some, but they knew I was going to do what I was called to do. Even today, I can speak and read Hebrew better than some of the people at Beth Israel Congregation.


     I’m happy, every second since it happened, that it did happen. And God’s there for me every minute of every day. And I talk to Jesus every day.


     After I graduated, I was working in the real estate business. And then I was in a wreck and survived that, but I was totally disabled. And I’m disabled now. I’ve had an aneurysm and a seizure disorder. But God takes care of me. It’s okay. Faithful living is honoring Jesus Christ.


     Thank You, God, for the wonderful blessing of Belhaven College. I could have gone to college anywhere, but God had Mark Jacob on His path, and Belhaven College was a big part of my path. What a great school to learn to be a Christian God’s way. Belhaven is my home, really.


     In closing, I want to thank the following people who were part of my blessing:


◼      Dr. Roger Parrott, you’ve been my brother on this journey and I am blessed to know you. You showed me the long view of God and Christianity and being a leader to help God’s other children who are lost. You taught me what patience is and how to listen to what God is trying to teach me.

◼      Governor William Winter, one of the state’s greatest governors

◼      Chuck Miner, owner of the Courthouse Racquetball Club

◼      Dr. Russell, a friend of mine who passed away

◼      Mr. and Mrs. Benny Hill, owners of the former Hill Mattress Company

◼      And all the Christian people who were always there to help me understand God.


If anyone wants to talk to me, my number is 601-503-5651. I’d like for someone to come forward and invite me to join their church. I just haven’t done that.

Everyone have a blessed year and remember, God and Mark Jacob love you.


Mark Siegal is retired from the real estate business. A Jackson native, he is a graduate of Murrah High School and Belhaven University. He lives in Terry.


Pro-Life Mississippi