Experiencing ‘Phenomenal’ healing


     To the one and only true and living God, Creator of all, the God of Job and Daniel. He’s my God too, and sovereign in my life. 


     I want to testify about the phenomenal changes I encountered while hospitalized for three and a half months. I give God all the glory, honor and praise for His healing power. He covered me with unconditional love and comfort. 


     I wasn’t sure what was happening when I began to experience severe abdominal pains in late October 2017. When I visited the emergency room, the ER doctor told me it was only intestinal issues, but the pain and discomfort was so severe, I had to return two days later. I had to undergo emergency surgery for a bowel blockage. 


     When they extubated me, my vocal cords became paralyzed and a tracheotomy was ordered, and I was told it would be in place for one year or longer. The tracheotomy was in place for three weeks. (Healing in His wings.) A second surgery for internal bleeding was performed. 


     Through this ordeal and even into my recovery, I felt the experience of God in a way that was profound and intimate — His healing of my body, mind and soul firsthand.


     This may have been the most life-threatening time period of my life, but I believe the experience broadened my awareness of God and showed the phenomenal ways He can impact all of our lives. He is worthy to be praised! 


     Through my medical ordeal, I learned of God’s love and capabilities in an insightful way. Job and Daniel intensified in my spirit. Job was an upright man of God who loved the Lord with every fiber of his being. He went through physical and material changes, and marital discord. Through it all, Job kept his eyes on God. Daniel had many conflicts, but he trusted God and had faith to believe God to deliver him from any exposure to harm or danger. 


     We don’t know what we may have to go through while passing through this world. My inspiration, my God, is triumphal; a triumphal God is he. He will take care of His children. He is a great healer, and giver of all good and perfect gifts. We are His children and joint heirs with His Son, Jesus. The Bible tells us to submit ourselves to Him and receive His goodness, grace and mercy forevermore. 


     The Lord sent His Son to bear our sins and burdens. It is important to seek Him first for His active love, beauty and holiness. He is our shepherd and problem solver. When we diligently seek Him, we will win, win, win. The blessings of the Lord are without reproach.


     We must be forever mindful of His wonderful work for us. His daily bread is on earth and sanctioned in heaven. The Lord will teach us His testimony and carry us to victory. 


     I have written a book, “Phenomenon of a Phenomenal: My True Testimony of Praises and Thanksgivings to God Almighty.” It explores my phenomenal experience, my love for God, delighting in His Word, and His healing wings. The scripture references take readers on a journey through several stories of trials in the Bible. God reveals in these stories His presence and provision. I hope the reader who needs to know God in a special way will be enlightened about His great healing power. 



Clara Moncrief is an ordained minister, working in the Lord’s vineyard to spread and teach the Word of God. Her first mission after ordination was to start a prison ministry. She is an author, songwriter, and retired healthcare professional who is active in many community activities. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, cousin, and friend to many. Selah.

“Phenomenon of a Phenomenal” can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, or for $11.49.