Jennie Rodgers (left) with her son, Caleb, and her husband, Rodney.


     If our family’s battle with cerebral palsy helps just one person see Jesus through our son’s suffering, it is worth the fight. My husband and I were trying everything to help our son from the first time we learned of his diagnosis. One night, the Lord led me to a book called “What to Do About Your Brain-Injured Child,” by Glenn Doman. I remember thinking, how rude! But we tried some things from the book to help Caleb crawl, as he was 3 by now and barely moved on the floor. It worked, and he actually began to move.


     We urgently booked a trip to Pennsylvania for Caleb to be evaluated at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, founded by Doman. They placed Caleb on an extremely intense physical, mental and intellectual program. With God’s help, he then could read most any book before the age of 4.


     We went for a follow-up visit; the lady over the reading program pulls a book off the shelf. She places it in front of Caleb and turns the pages for him. She closes it and pulls out a small handheld black-and-white card with the letters of the alphabet and asks him if the book was about the Babylonians or Egyptians. She takes his left hand to assist his muscles and singles out his pointer finger. He moves his finger forward and begins to spell out the word “Babylonians.” His dad and I turn pale.


     Never again did we question Caleb’s level of intelligence. It took Caleb and me about one full year to fully communicate using this card. It is with this card that Caleb has encouraged countless individuals and groups. He uses it to tell us what he wants to eat, how his day is, what he wants to do, what hurts, everything!


     I need at least 1,000 more words to tell you all about Caleb’s intense love and devotion to Jesus Christ. He has battled pain in his head and muscles most of his life, but he has praised God through it all. It is Caleb who told a group how suffering is a teacher. I agree! He says he was sent here to teach his parents to be good soldiers and faint not.


     Oh how this journey of suffering has taught our family so much about who God is. We have learned that it is true, suffering is a teacher. It has taught us that God truly is the God of all comfort; He alone can be trusted, come what may; and He has an endless supply of strength to give.


     To see more about Caleb’s deep love for the Lord, please visit and his Facebook page at Caleb Rodgers Updates. There you will see how God uses the pain and suffering we go through for our good and His glory. Just Jesus Inc. is Caleb’s Bible ministry, which distributed more than 3,500 free Bibles throughout Mississippi and other states just last year.


     Remember, don’t be defeated in your suffering. Let suffering teach you as well.


Jennie’s bio, written by Caleb from his perspective: You are my strong mother. You enjoy serving others. You stay home with me so I can tolerate school in my peaceful home. Proud wife of my dad, Rodney. Supportive second mom to two lovely daughters, Andrea and Abby. Mother to two angels, Chloe (in heaven) and Caleb. Resides in Tupelo. Director of Just Jesus Inc. Enjoys time with Jesus, reading God’s Word, and running with her son. Part-time owner of two clinics.

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