Sacred SearchReviewed by Susan E. Richardson

Jumping into Gary Thomas’ new book The Sacred Search brings as much shock to the mind and heart as the “polar bear plunge” does to the body. His practical and Biblical counsel for those considering marriage runs counter to our emotion and sex saturated society’s messages. Looking at potential marriage from the viewpoint of seeking first the kingdom of God requires a radical shift in thinking.

Thomas points out that if we build our lives around Matthew 6:33, which contains the command to seek first God’s kingdom, our decision to marry and choice of a marriage partner should fall under that directive, too. Rather than looking for romantic thrills and attraction, we should look for a mate who will join will us in seeking God first.

Kitchen Tune-Up

Since culture has conditioned us to consider being in love the most important prelude to marriage, Thomas takes a look at what happens in our brains when we feel infatuation. The conclusion: what we feel is real but will not last long enough to use as a basis for marriage. The author also explains the Platonic origins of the idea of a “soul mate”—one person meant solely for each individual.

Having knocked down most of the common factors used to decide on marriage, Thomas spends the rest of the book offering guidance for finding a mate who will help you fulfill your ultimate goal of serving the kingdom. If you’re considering marriage, pick up a copy of this book before moving ahead.

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