This spectacular foliage happened in our yard literally overnight. I might have missed it altogether had Charles not opened the shutters in the bathroom this morning and  called me to take a look. The fall colors never last long enough as far as I am concerned. I begin to look for the shades of red and yellow soon after Labor Day and it seems forever before the mornings turn cool and the green leaves of summer finally begin to fade.

Another truth about the Gingko is that the brilliant hue of fall is exceptionally short-lived. If I had not had Charles to point it out to me today in the middle of all of my busy work, I might have missed it this year altogether.

I have a great yearning to learn to live in the moment, to stop the frantic pace that is modern life and to cherish the  blessings of every new day – the beauty of the Gingko as fleeting as it may be as well as the comfortable luxury of a rich relationship with my husband, my friends, and my family. The burst of color outside my bathroom window just drove that thought home to me today.


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