Dr. Turner Brown

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     “I view my work as my calling. I am called to do my best unto the Lord. In some way, I feel that my work is an extension of helping to redeem God’s creation by helping patients restore function and give them a productive, happy life back,” said Dr. Turner Brown. “I believe we are called to help others as best we can.”


     Dr. Turner Brown has had an interest in healthcare since he was a young boy. He grew up watching his grandfather treat patients as a general practitioner, and he always thought medicine might be the path for him also. 


     A Jackson native, Dr. Brown was born and raised in the city that he is proud to call home! He grew up in the Belhaven community, attended elementary school at First Presbyterian Day School, and completed junior high and high school at Jackson Prep. He started his college career at Ole Miss and later transferred to Mississippi College, where he completed an undergraduate degree in history. 


     He said that although he thought medicine might be his ultimate career path, he chose to study something different as an undergraduate. “Treating patients is not just about science,” he said. “There’s so much more to it. There’s psychology involved and a lot of learning how to understand and really relate to people.”


     During his undergraduate studies, he shadowed Dr. Will McCraney at Capital Ortho. That was when he knew he was seriously interested in the possibility of pursuing orthopedics. He said he could see how rewarding it is to play a part in helping people get better. He was also intrigued by the opportunity to work with his hands in surgery, something he’s always enjoyed. “It’s very fulfilling to have the opportunity to develop a skill that can ultimately help improve someone’s lifestyle,” he said.


     Dr. Brown completed medical school and his orthopedic residency at The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) before moving to Columbia, Missouri to complete his training in Total Joint Arthroscopy — Hip and Knee Reconstruction. During his yearlong fellowship, he completed intense training specifically focused on hip and knee replacements. 


     He said that he ultimately decided on hip and knee reconstruction because he is somewhat a creature of habit. Although each patient’s situation is unique, this specific type of surgery allows him to develop a high level of expertise. 


     When asked about new advancements in joint reconstruction, Dr. Brown was quick to point to robotics-assisted joint replacements as the way of the future. He said these types of procedures provide the highest level of precision and customization for the patient. This typically results in a less painful experience for the patient and a truly customized hip or knee that feels much more natural.


     He said there are many options, surgical and non-surgical, for patients who are dealing with arthritis pain. The advancements in treatment options, just in the past 10 years, have expanded significantly. 


    “If someone is having joint pain on a daily basis and that pain is interfering with their daily activities, that’s when a conversation about possible joint replacement needs to begin.”


     Dr. Brown has recently joined the orthopedic group at Capital Ortho! He said he is excited to join their team of respected physicians and is looking forward to the opportunity to give back to the community he loves. He is seeing patients at their clinics in Flowood, Madison, Clinton and Hazlehurst. 


     Dr. Brown is married to Katie Wegener Brown, also a Jackson native. Katie has completed medical school at UMMC and is currently in the plastic surgery residency program there. They plan to live and practice medicine in the Jackson area for years to come! 


Molly Staley is the marketing consultant for Capital Ortho. She lives in Brandon with her husband and two children.


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