By Laura Lee Leathers

Reality! Healthcare has drastically changed since the pandemic. Most people would agree with that statement. Furthermore, people are seeking quality healthcare as they age. That might mean homeopathic alternatives or finding ways to stay home versus going into assisted living or a nursing home.

In an interview with Garrett Sawyer, vice president of clinical services and chief nursing officer with Prime Care Nursing, he shared the following:

“Research is now showing that individuals over the age of 75 want to be cared for at home. Why? One of the top reasons is that it leads to better health overall. The family member or caregiver is aware of daily health needs and changes. It also keeps a person engaged in family activities — physically and mentally. Another reason is that transitioning into an assisted living or nursing home is difficult.”

Add changing routines, different medical personnel, and learning to live with strangers. Remember the isolation people experienced a few years ago, family members putting hands on window glass to “touch” a loved one? This is a significant reason why more people consider at-home healthcare.

Prime Care Nursing is a staffing agency for healthcare facilities and individuals needing at-home care regardless of age. Emry Oxford established the business in 1987 and has seen the need steadily grow. Today the agency has more than 1,500 employees who are available to work throughout Mississippi.

Garrett provided some tips for those considering at-home healthcare:

Questions to consider

How do you know if home care is the route for you or your loved one? Consider the following:

  • Where does the individual want to stay? The answer usually plays a significant role in their attitude and willingness to engage with the process.
  • Is there a family member or friend willing to be a caregiver?
  • What are the specific needs? Reevaluate this subject regularly because health needs change. What can a caregiver provide, considering their own family, employment obligations, time, and health? Then, what can be taken over by an outside provider?
  • If hospice is needed, Medicare provides some assistance, and at-home care can fill in the gap.
  • Does the client need any of the in-home services offered by Prime Care? This could include overseeing daily household tasks or transportation.

Steps to start the process

If you choose at-home healthcare for your loved one, where do you begin?

  • Contact a provider. Prime Care will bring in a nurse to do an evaluation and consultation.
  • Working with a provider, determine who is needed (RN, LPN, CNA).
  • How often is someone needed? Prime Care offers shifts from a minimum of two hours up to 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • If you are the caregiver, think about the need for respite care, another benefit of at-home care.
  • Consider the benefits of Medicare, Medicaid, a long-term healthcare policy, and personal finances. Even worker’s compensation and private insurance can provide benefits. Push the pencil regarding costs.

Financial planning  

First, saving is always wise, regardless of age. Set aside a monthly amount into a personal health or caregiving account if possible.

Consult with a biblical financial planner who can give you another perspective by evaluating your assets, liabilities and equity. Are there new ideas or ways to trim expenses and grow income?

Another option is to purchase a long-term care plan. Remember to study the plans carefully and seek an agent.

My personal experience

I (Laura) served as caregiver for my mother from 2010 until 2021. She desired to stay in her home as long as possible, which she did until her passing.

My mom had a better attitude at home versus her three admittances to a nursing home. She was motivated to do more for herself because she wanted to stay home. We were blessed to find qualified people to assist when needed. Biblically, the decision was about honoring her and fulfilling examples from the scriptures. The journey was joyous and challenging.

More information about Prime Care Nursing is available at 1-800-844-4298 or

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