Kathie Washington’s family would describe her as an understanding mother, loyal wife, devoted daughter, and supportive sister. Friends would use words like fun loving, spirited, and motivating. When I met her eight years ago, one word came to my mind—determined. She is a healthy living advocate who practices what she preaches.

On a daily basis, she shares a sermon with others through her deeds. Kathie starts the day while most of us are snug in bed. Her 4:00 a.m. workout is followed by the juggling of work assignments with the frequent trips home during lunch break to take care of her mother and her pets that she cherishes. Then, back to work. On some days, she manages to fit in a workout during supplementary breaks. To make sure she exercises daily, she has fitness equipment set up at her place of employment.

Kathie-Washington-PicKathie is also known for preparing healthy meals for her family and stays away from processed and fast foods. She manages to maintain her healthy eating habits by taking her lunch to work and by taking snacks with her while running errands. In addition to her home workout, she motivates others to exercise by forming walking clubs and attending boot camp classes.

Her healthy living habits did not come without some trial and error. She often blamed her weight issues on her family by saying that it was heredity. Her decision to make a lifestyle change came about 10 years ago through a conversation with her husband. Her husband encouraged her by saying, “If you want to get healthy, then get healthy.” At that point, she started to make changes in her life.

Over the years, she made changes in her food choices, her day-to- day schedule, and her hairstyle. Kathie wears an all-natural hairstyle to accommodate her daily workout routine. She deals with stress by staying spiritually connected and asks God to guide her on life’s journey. Her motto is, “It’s a battle, then again not a battle because I know my limitations.”

I always look forward to our visits because she will have a new healthy snack to sample, or information on the latest fitness gear, or the pros and cons on the hottest fitness gadgets. Her motivation is being around other healthy living supporters. Kathie also has excellent time management skills, which are shown in her ability to balance work, family, and play. Her goals are to stay healthy and to run a marathon.

Kathie Washington resides in Jackson with her husband, Charles Washington along with their son, Charles II, and daughter, Kalisha.

C. Rochelle Culp is the owner of Ro-on-the Go Health & Wellness Consultants and on staff at Fitness Lady Health Clubs, Inc. She is a member of the Today Show’s Joy Fit Club and featured in The Joy Fit Club Cookbook, Diet Plan and Inspiration (published 2012).


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