By Amy Ingram

I’m going back to school because I am crazy.

Not really, but I do find myself wondering what—just what—am I doing? Do you have those moments when you find yourself in a situation and wonder how you got there?

Since I started in the advertising industry, I have taught classes at The University of Mississippi. Not a full nine-week course, but one class during each semester. I found myself loving getting in front of students and engaging with them regarding what is happening on the front lines. I’m a firm believer the Lord has equipped me with knowledge in my job(s) that I am supposed to pass on to younger generations to help them succeed.

I’ve also spent the past 11 years mentoring college students. During my time of singleness, I have the capacity to spend even more time serving others and walking through life with them due to the extra time I’ve been given. But I digress.

So for a long time one of my long-term goals has been to teach. I know I cannot be in the advertising agency world forever due to the high stress and need to be considerate of what the next 5-10 years look like. In my mind, I hope (and pray) that I am married with children during that time, but if not, I have to take the steps to move forward with my life. And in order for me to teach, I have to get my master’s degree.

I started school again last week—think I might be the oldest person in my class (not in the overall program), and everyone keeps asking me for advice. It’s weird. And I am approaching school very differently this time around due to the fact I now know the value of learning!

Get this—two of my older, single friends are also starting on their master’s now as well. It’s been fun being able to encourage each other as we start on this journey together. Different fields but the same feelings—feelings of excitement and nervousness all bundled into one big package.

If you are considering branching out and doing something new, whether it be graduate school, or getting a side job, or going on an adventure—DO IT. Time is fleeting and we need to reach our goals in the present. Don’t put it off—find a way. You’ve got this.

Be loved, beloved. For you are most definitely loved.