Sara Douglas Clark

Sara Douglas Clark

Homeschool | Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church

A Situation Where I Lived Out My Faith

Because my parents have felt like our homeschool education was not limited to the hours of 8 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., they have always taught us that all of life is an education. During the summer of 2013, they gave me the opportunity to travel to a Ukrainian orphanage with an adopting family so I could experience another culture, children in need, and missionary life. When I returned home, part of my heart stayed in Ukraine with the orphans I had befriended. I began praying for a way to financially help prospective adoptive families. “Headbands for Hope” became the answer to my prayers. Headbands for Hope are colorful, cheerful headbands backed in velvet which allow them to grip your hair well during workouts, vigorous activities, or for accessorizing. Jesus left the riches that were His in Heaven to come to earth to make salvation available to us. In response to what Christ has done for me, I hope in some small way to help adoptive families and orphans through Headbands for Hope. Matthew 6:19-21 says, “Don’t store up treasures here on earth…store your treasures in heaven…wherever your treasure is there the desires of your heart will also be.” I hope the headband project will be a reminder to me of that truth and the orphans in need.

Activities and Service to Others

As a part of my homeschool education, my parents have made regular service in the community a part of our lifestyle. One of the ministries that have been part of our lives is We Will Go Ministries. While this is not a “school” subject, my parents consider it a part of my life schooling. Frequently, I volunteer in their clothes closet ministry that provides clothes and Bible studies for their downtown neighbors. My family has served at numerous We Will Go work project days as a part of the physical and spiritual restoration that God is bringing about through this ministry. Ever since my great grandmother (now deceased) moved into a local nursing home 12 years ago, two of my siblings and I have played solos and trios in various nursing homes for their residents. Two years ago when my grandmother moved to an assisted living facility, we continued this ministry to those with limited physical activity. Through the years, it has taught me about honoring the elderly. Finally, I am involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship Bible Club, which is a ministry of my church. Through fellowship, food, Bible lessons, and music, we aim to share the love of Christ to our neighbors in Ridgeland Ranch Apartments located behind our church. I am able to use my gift of music to lead the worship time with these elementary age kids. In addition I regularly play the djembe (African drum) for our church worship team, as well as the violin for our church orchestra.

Future plans

Because of my compassion for the poor and desire to help those with physical needs, I feel that God is calling me to pursue a degree in nursing that may involve assisting the poor in an inner city mission or ministering to individuals in an impoverished country. Through this profession, I hope doors will be opened to share about Christ while ministering to their physical as well as spiritual brokenness, enabling me to address the needs of their whole person.

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