On God’s timetable, nothing is wasted. The experiences you had yesterday prepare you for what God has planned for you today. Such is the case for Amy Adams, a retired pharmaceutical sales representative and real estate agent, and her husband, Rick, a recently retired bank executive.   


     After retirement, God’s redefining and purpose began when Amy and her sister became caregivers for their aging parents, Bishop and Elizabeth Wallace. Amy’s sister, Ann, is a nurse, and her experience gave them a head start on the day-to-day physical care of their parents. Still, there were many legal, social, logistical, financial and emotional issues to navigate.   


     Amy shares on her website, “Now, as both my parents are gone, I want to continue the legacy of giving back to those who are lonely, those who are in need, and those who want someone to walk with them for a short time. The Alignment Project found its spark. Our goal for this non-profit is to follow God’s command to help the less fortunate, the lonely, and the needy.”


Alignment Project founder Amy Adams.


     In 2020, Amy and Rick felt led to start the ministry, and everything came together in January 2022. Amy began to share the concept of The Alignment Project and her story with churches, businesses and organizations. The interest grew, and people were calling with inquiries regarding their needs.


     To help meet those needs, Amy and Rick have identified professionals they rely on or can confidently recommend to others. The team comprises attorneys specializing in elder care and special needs, financial advisors, counselors, social workers, medical professionals, accountants, and other care providers. As new needs arise, additional names and services are added.


     From the inception, Amy and Rick decided to focus on the south half of Madison County, primarily Madison, Flora and Ridgeland. This focus allows them to concentrate on the work required and not spread themselves too thin. Recently, Amy met with several individuals who want to incorporate the Alignment Project concept in their communities.


     Amy and Rick have helped more than 20 clients through The Alignment Project, though the numbers are not the focus. It’s about personal involvement to meet the needs and build trusting relationships.


     When asked what has been the most challenging case so far? Amy replied that it dealt with an elderly couple whose finances were in total disarray. Amy learned that it is hard for people to see their needs, ask for help regarding their condition, and accept that help.


Alignment Project founder Amy Adams (left) with her late parents, Bishop and Elizabeth Wallace (center), and her sister, Ann. After being a caretaker with Ann for their parents, Amy wanted to start a ministry that would provide resources and support for seniors.


     “The elderly are my heart and soul,” states Amy, “and it hurts to see what they face, sometimes all alone. During the pandemic, people were isolated, disconnected and lonely. Through our ministry, we can connect, encourage, and offer hope.”


     The Care Closet at Highland Elementary in Ridgeland is another way The Alignment Project engages to meet community needs. Students can visit The Care Closet for a change of clothes, obtain personal hygiene products and more. Amy has seen more than 1,000 items collected through two rounds of the Amazon Wish List for this school. Now she is working with businesses to adopt a Care Closet for several elementary schools in the area.


     Another valuable ministry component is biblical counseling, which Amy firmly believes in and recommends. Counselors have been a tremendous asset as clients sort through trauma and relationships.


     The mission of The Alignment Project: “We gather resources from the local community to stand in the gap with senior adults and others experiencing life-changing events in the south Madison County area.”


     Contact Amy Adams at 601.624.9309 or or visit


     How has God redefined your retirement?


Laura Lee Leathers loves to touch lives and encourage others through words and biblical hospitali-tea. She is an award-winning freelance writer, encouragement coach and speaker, and a contributing writer for several newspapers, magazines and online publications. Connect with her at or, or join her Facebook group, “Teacups, Mugs, and Friends.”