“How to Calm a Storm” by Dr. Barbara L. Howard is a quick read that aims to provide a measure of strength and encouragement to anyone going through a personal trial. Dr. Howard uses the metaphor of a storm to walk the reader through a greater understanding of the challenges of life as a Christian, and through that a deeper knowledge of the Lord.  

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     Dr. Howard’s tone is straightforward and personal. She uses scriptural references to provide support to her points, and intersperses her own original poetry as part of the journey.


     In my opinion the book was a quick, easy read, and provided food for thought as I went through my day. It would make a good companion for a Sunday school series or Bible study. It is also something to read when you are struggling with your own storm and want a quick reminder that you are not alone, and that God’s power and grace have the ability to calm even the stormiest of seas. 


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