By Susan E. Richardson

Uncompromising and compassionate are two words you don’t see paired often, but are perfect to describe When Homosexuality Hits Home by Joe Dallas. He holds firmly to the truth of Scripture that homosexuality is a sin even as he offers understanding for those struggling with it. Throughout the book he manages to balance this inherent tension while offering practical suggestions.

Learning that a loved one is homosexual plunges family members into grief, as their view of the person involved inevitably changes. Dallas walks readers through the stages of grief as they apply. Other sections of the book focus on coping within specific situations like marriage or having a teen declare a same sex preference.

Simply coming to terms with the announcement is not the end of handling the situation. The author spends time with setting boundaries before moving on to address other issues that come with the territory. Through all discussions he never suggests condoning homosexual behavior even as he advocates a loving response to the person.

Dallas has more than clinical observations to offer, as he once embraced a homosexual lifestyle. During that time he become a gay rights activist and even served on the staff of a gay friendly church. He knows the various arguments and approaches from personal experience and offers other books addressing background questions about the issue in more depth if needed.

Any Christian negotiating the tricky waters of having a homosexual family member will find When Homosexuality Hits Home an excellent resource.

Pro-Life Mississippi