Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson

Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky


“Wait!” The dreaded word when you’re a child, slowing you down and keeping you back from what you want to see and do. We still don’t like it as adults when circumstances ruin our time table. What if the call to wait comes from God, and He asks you to live on His timeline instead of your own? Marlo Schalesky explores this challenge in Waiting for Wonder.


The author uses Sarah’s story from the Old Testament to illustrate what a lifetime of living on God’s time instead of ours might look like. Episode by episode readers see Sarah’s doubts and fears, plus the cultural pull toward shame, through the years.


Yet waiting isn’t a passive process where you sit still and do nothing. Rather, waiting focuses on what God is doing within to shape you. He works through our waiting to prepare us for better things than we can imagine.


Waiting for Wonder is a book for anyone who questions the gap between what God promises and what you see happening, when human logic fails and your efforts collapse. The book digs deeper than merely exhorting the reader to have faith and continue to wait. Rather, the author looks at the hard part of faith, following God whose ways and thoughts are far different from ours.


In the end, we receive things that can only come from God and are more precious for the wait. Beautifully written, challenging, and encouraging, Waiting for Wonder comes highly recommended.