Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson


A Spectacle of Glory by Joni Eareckson Tada


The word “glory” can be hard for us to grasp. We may use it to describe various aspects of creation. We also use it to describe God. But what does glory have to do with us?


Author Joni Eareckson Tada believes that as Christians, we are to display God’s glory. He created us to bear and demonstrate to the world who He is in all of His glory. As the title of her devotional book says it, to be “a spectacle of glory.”


Tada understands that life comes with pain, suffering, and trials. Rather than preventing us from reflecting God’s glory, these things become the means through which His glory shines. Choosing this path requires saying “no” to self-pity, anger, and other normal human responses while embracing whatever challenges God allows. Such a choice is possible only by focusing on God Himself, not on ourselves. Each day requires new choices to keep us on course.


Encouragement for each day is what the author offers. Every daily reading begins with a Scripture for inspiration, a thought based on Scripture, and a prayer. Tada uses examples from her own life as well as many other sources.


You won’t find easy answers, but the acknowledgment that this path goes against everything in our natural selves. The reward, though, is deep joy that goes beyond us.


If you’d like to be challenged and encouraged to grow deeper in 2017, consider using A Spectacle of Glory as part of your daily time with God.