Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson


Pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress brings a timely reminder for all Christians in Not All Roads Lead to Heaven. As the world pressures us to tolerate more and more unbiblical behavior, we move ever closer to compromising on the most important point of all—the exclusivity of Jesus as the way to heaven.

Kitchen Tune-Up

Lest you brush off the issue as unlikely, Dr. Jeffress offers compelling evidence of how far away many Christians have moved from a firm belief that Jesus is the only way to salvation. At this point, the secularists seem to be winning the war of words surrounding various points related to the issue. Though the battle isn’t about winning an argument, we need to be equipped when others ask questions.

As Dr. Jeffress says, “However, note that the purpose of this book is not to provide you the information to shoot down unbelievers in a verbal firefight…Remember, our goal is not to win an argument but to win the other person to faith in God’s only way to eternal life in heaven—through Christ alone.” He provides information to prepare you to answer tough questions with Biblical truth.

The book holds a good balance between why we need the reminder of who Jesus is and what we need to know to help others understand. Whether you occasionally find yourself wondering if the world could be right or need more information, Not All Roads Lead to Heaven is an excellent choice.

Pro-Life Mississippi