With Halloween, October often becomes fear month. Networks feature horror movies, party stores showcase frightening costumes, and haunted houses abound. In the middle of all this supernatural fear, try a call to courageous faith instead. Tony Perkins offers stories of young Christians standing firm against ungodliness in No Fear.

Perkins begins by addressing fear, separating it from the fun fears that may come with movies or roller coasters. He speaks to the deeper fears where we worry about what others think of us or that they may ostracize or even kill us. This is where faith needs to defeat fear.

To illustrate he tells the stories of ten young Americans who chose to stand firmly in their faith despite pressure from those who want to remove Christianity from all public areas. The eleventh and last story profiles a Sudanese woman who faced death for her faith.

Notably, most of these people did not choose to be activists. They simply found themselves caught up in situations where they had to choose whether or not to compromise. Each made the decision only after much prayer and with a determination to show the love of Christ even while refusing to back down.

In the end, whether they won or lost according to the usual way of determining success and defeat, each discovered that remaining faithful is a far greater victory. Perkins includes the story of a biblical hero of faith with each section, and includes discussion questions for group or individual use.

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