Reviewed by Marilyn Tinnin

Lauren Tells a Bible Story
By Lauren Compere with Art Compere

I first met Lauren and her grandfather, Art, in 2002 when I had just begun publishing my first magazine. Lauren could only be described as a beautiful little third grader, an honor roll student with an abundance of personality, a winsome charm, and a Christian faith that was beyond her years. She was also in a wheel chair. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, Lauren was never going to be able to do a lot of things her peers would do. That fact has not slowed her down.

Kitchen Tune-Up

Her grandfather, Art, has spent countless hours with Lauren over the course of her life. He is quite a storyteller and has enjoyed telling Lauren many a Bible story with a slightly different twist. When she was small, he would weave a little girl named Lauren into the familiar stories, never to distort the story or change its meaning, but really more to reiterate for his granddaughter the love of her Savior for her personally.

Lauren recently graduated from Mississippi College with a degree in psychology and was also the first runner up to Ms. Wheelchair America 2015. Stay tuned. You will hear from Miss Lauren Compere. Her determination and her faith in God are going to take her places.

Lauren Tells a Bible Story follows the basic blueprint of her grandfather’s earlier work—weaving a few contemporary characters into the narrative but always staying true to the moral of the story and ending each of the 21 stories in this book encouraging the reader to check out the exact Biblical account with the reference provided. The stories are great ways to engage the children of our 2015 culture in the timeless truths we long to instill in them!



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