As with some other Biblical characters, the Queen of Sheba stands shrouded in myths. Liz Curtis Higgs throws open the curtain to Biblical truth, introducing readers to the person under the legends, in It’s Good to be Queen, using her trademark light and humorous style built on a foundation of solid scholarship.

So what can we learn from an ancient queen? Higgs offers several things we can glean from her story. First, it’s good to be bold. She was willing to make a long trip to another country in hopes of learning something valuable from King Solomon. She was also open to hearing wise counsel and learning from it.

Add other attributes like giving generously and receiving graciously, and who wouldn’t want a role model like her? Discussion questions and a study guide included in the book help readers go more deeply into the material. Groups may want to use the short videos (10-14 minutes) for each chapter available free at with the book.

Higgs offers readers an additional ministry option through Via Bella Jewelry. This company provides jobs for women struggling with poverty in Haiti and the United States. To see their Sheba-inspired designs go to

Whether you’re looking for an individual study or one to use with a group, you’ll find It’s Good to be Queen a worthy option. If you’ve never read any of Higgs’ work this is a good place to start. Readers already familiar with her work will welcome this new addition.