Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson


Imaginative Prayer by Jared Patrick Boyd


When it comes to teaching children, simply telling them about God can be challenging enough. Still, knowing about God isn’t enough. We want our children to experience Him personally and grow in relationship with Him. Author Jared Patrick Boyd understands this need and offers a yearlong guide to enhance children’s spiritual formation in his new book, Imaginative Prayer.


He sees imagination as the doorway to foster an emotional connection with children, especially those between the ages of about three and fourteen, depending on the individual child. He uses carefully structured readings to invite a personal experience with God. Topics are scripturally sound, and the author frames times of guided imagery with prayer and an invitation to the Holy Spirit to be present.


The author arranged the book to begin with basics and move toward more complex ideas. He begins with God’s love and how we can share in showing His love before addressing forgiveness and God’s overall mission. Along the way he does not shy away from difficult questions, considering that learning to handle the tension between our understanding and God’s response is an important part of our faith walk.


Boyd lays out everything needed for each section. You’ll get an overview of the goal to get you started. The focused time requires about 30 minutes, but he also suggests ways to continue discussion and application through the week. This unique book can help both you and your child grow into a deeper relationship with God.



Susan E. Richardson is a writer, critique reader, and former Christian retailer with a passion for meeting people’s needs through the written word.