If you’ve ever wanted to help a hurting friend but weren’t sure how, then Hopelifter by Kathe Wunnenberg is the book for you. Perhaps you’d like to go further and organize more people to support those in need. Either way, this book will help you get started. Wunnenberg begins with her own story, telling how God led her to take hurting women on day retreats.

Though she looks at the topic of hope more deeply, the basis for all hope comes from Jesus Himself. Prayer undergirds everything the book offers, whether intercessory prayer for others or being sure you have prayer support yourself as a leader. Both are important components of hope lifting. We can’t do it alone.

The last section of the book offers “recipes of hope.” These one page stories tell about a specific struggle and include a creative way to reach out to someone with the same challenge. The author invited many different people to contribute, so you hear from those who have been part of the various situations.

Another bonus in the book is the index of websites for helpful organizations. Sometimes the best support comes from knowing where to look for more help. Wunnenberg also supplies an extensive list of helpful Scriptures to have available to share.

You could use the discussion guide to lead others into ministry or for personal study. Hopelifter gives plenty of practical and creative information to help share God’s love and care with those who need it.

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