Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson

Author Lisa Tawn Bergren brings back Mamma Bear, Papa Bear, Little Cub, and the Twins in God Gave Us Sleep, a new addition to the “God Gave Us” series.

Like any child, Little Cub would rather stay outside and build an igloo with her friends instead of going to bed. As she protests coming in, Mama Bear tells her, “God gave us rest so we have energy for our day, and patience to enjoy it.” Little Cub then tries several familiar ways to stretch out the time before bed. Finally Mama Bear tucks her in and tells Little Cub to think happy thoughts. Unfortunately, the advice backfires, as Little Cub keeps her brain busy with thoughts of her building project and doesn’t sleep well.

The next day Little Cub learns the truth of what her mother told her. She’s tired and grumpy and can’t get along with anyone. Mama Bear explains again that God gave us the rhythm of sleep and work or play because we need both. This time when she goes to sleep, she has wonderful dreams and wakes ready for another day of play.

You may want to add God Gave Us Sleep to your child’s library before Christmas, given the extra excitement the season brings. The story paired with appealing artwork reflects scenes any preschool parent will recognize. The book would also make a good gift. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, consider adding the first book, God Gave Us You.