English Lessons by Andra Lucado


Studying for a master’s degree in Oxford, England seemed like a dream come true for Andrea Lucado, but she soon learned that crossing the pond meant adding work toward an advanced degree in life and faith, as well. For the first time, she came face to face with questions about what she believed herself, not what others had taught her to believe. She takes you inside her journey in her memoir, English Lessons.


Those familiar with Christian books will immediately recognize her last name. Yes, she is the daughter of pastor/writer Max Lucado. She doesn’t skirt around this fact but includes memories of growing up in church. And having done so, she didn’t expect some of the questions she began asking while in Oxford.


She presents these questions through a series of beautifully written vignettes of her experiences, vulnerably sharing her doubts along with her growing confidence in places. The book isn’t only about faith, but about things like adjusting to the peculiarities of a different culture and dealing with speaking a language that you thought was the same as theirs, and how all of those things stretch you.


If you’re looking for answers, this isn’t the book for you. Lucado makes no attempt to come up with neat answers to fit everyone. But if you’d enjoy joining her for a stroll through the streets of Oxford, visiting pubs, and meandering along the Thames while considering what you believe and why you believe it, then English Lessons is a great choice.