Book Reviews by Marilyn Tinnin


If I Live
By Terri Blackstock

This book is the last episode of the 3-book series about Casey Cox, the falsely accused heroine who is on the run from some corrupt and vicious cops. Suspense and unexpected twists will keep you turning pages and eager for the real culprits to get their due.


Terri, as always, does a masterful job of blending story, mystery, and spiritual truth. Just in case you missed the first two in the series, you can still jump right into this one.




 The Mother-In-Law Dance
By Annie Chapman

It’s complicated, you could say, the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. Annie Chapman’s book is a must-read for the mother of a son who wants smooth sailing in a relationship with that girl who has won her son’s heart. There is lots of love, grace, and acceptance here laid out in a beautiful way. And if you are a child of the 1950s as I am, you definitely want to read it!



The Turquoise Table
By Kristin Schell


The turquoise cover first caught my eye, but the subtitle “Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard” really piqued my interest. This is an adorable book for young moms who wish they could slow down, who would like more face time with their friends and neighbors, and who might just occasionally dream of “simplifying” the norms of the modern family.


There is really a little of everything here—tips on easy entertaining ideas, recipes, creative activities that are NOT hokey, and perspective. Yes, perspective is there that kind of explains why connection and friendships matter.