Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson


The Case for Christ


To go along with the new movie The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel and Zondervan Publishers have released a new edition of The Case for Christ book. While the movie tells more of Strobel’s personal journey, the book presents a detailed look at the evidence for Jesus. If the movie intrigued you and you want to know more, you’ll find the information in the book.


Like the earlier 1998 edition, the book breaks the overall question into three parts. In the first part, Strobel looks at the record, whether the manuscripts and accounts we have are reliable. This portion considers both the Biblical text and non-Biblical sources.


Within the second part, the author looks at Jesus Himself. Was He crazy? Did He really think He was God’s Son? Then finally Strobel addresses the resurrection, looking at the swoon theory, asking if the tomb was truly empty, and what eyewitness or other evidence points to Jesus’ bodily resurrection.


For each question, Strobel contacted an expert in that particular area. He included objections from a variety of atheists and skeptics without shying away from difficult aspects of a topic. If an issue can’t be fully resolved at present, he acknowledges that.


The new edition includes a follow-up interview with Strobel where he addresses readers’ concerns. Whether you are a skeptic and want to look at the evidence for yourself or a believer and would simply like to have your faith strengthened and affirmed, then The Case for Christ is an excellent choice.