Reviewed by Susan E. Richardson


When God Made Light by Matthew Paul Turner


Energy and color explode from Matthew Paul Turner’s newest picture book When God Made Light. Like the previous book When God Made You, illustrator David Catrow’s paintings perfectly augment the lively text. The two together bring a sense of barely contained excitement to each page.

Kitchen Tune-Up


From light in general, the book’s focus shifts to the sun, moon, and stars, correctly mirroring the Biblical account where God created light prior to the celestial bodies. Then the book becomes more personal. God intended light to make the earth bright and warm. Our response is celebration, playing, and rejoicing in the beauty as shown in dynamic illustrations.


At night the moon and stars take over, reflecting the sun’s rays into the darkness. Fresh opportunities for delight come in the night. Catch fireflies or trace the patterns of the constellations, then rest for a while. In the end the author reminds the reader that darkness is no match for God’s light and encourages trust in Him. We, too, carry God’s light and can shine for Him wherever we are.


When God Made Light offers a wonderful festival of rejoicing in God’s creation through word and picture. The bright, bubbly book would make a great addition to an Easter basket and enhance the season. Or pick up a copy today for you and the child in your life, and join the celebration.


Pro-Life Mississippi