Walk into Broadmoor Baptist Church on any Sunday morning and you’ll hear the sounds of Alive, the music ministry’s first album release. The contemporary style sends the congregation roaring with excitement. With a story behind each song, Alive brings a unique, individual message among each lyric played.

CD-Review-2-Alive-CoverAlive hit iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and the church’s bookstore shelves on June 4, 2013. For one year, composers Preston Dabbs, Mike Haight, David Leonard, and Josh Poore worked on this project, which was envisioned while attending a songwriting retreat. In addition to the writing cast, there were eight musicians, twenty vocalists, a sound engineer, and a mix/master engineer. According to Leonard, it was an enjoyable learning process for the group of thirty-six.

As part of the celebration for the album’s release, Broadmoor held “A Night of Worship” for the entire congregation. Throughout the past three years, the music ministry has led concert audiences in worship across Mississippi.

The album is comprised of six songs focused around the topic of being alive in Christ. Leonard based the song “In the Darkness” off of Revelation 21:4.  He says, “I needed to be reminded of the loving, caring God that I have, so the song is meant to reinforce the things I believe and know to be true of God. The verses talk about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, about the security I have in Him, and about the future I have in Him. I’ve had lots of people share how that song has ministered to them in a dark time. Praise God that He uses our weaknesses to prove Himself strong!”

The music ministry is currently working on a LIVE project that is set to release in 2017. The team has recorded five original songs with the hopes of recording another three to five more. The church is looking forward to this exciting, new project.

If you are searching for something to add to your morning playlist, Alive should be first on your list. It’s upbeat music and powerful message will have you longing for more.