Reviewed by Marilyn Tinnin

If I’m Found by Terri Blackstock 


In this latest release, the sequel to If I Run, the falsely accused Casey Cox, continues to stay a step ahead of her pursuers. Dylan Roberts, a veteran with PTSD has been hired to find her by a duo of crooked cops who have every reason to find Casey before the truth about her alleged crimes comes to light. Roberts is committed to finding Casey, but the more he digs and the more he learns about her, the less he believes that she is capable of hurting anyone. Can he convince her to trust him, and can he keep the real killers from suspecting that he is on to them?


This is a page-turner and a thriller you will find hard to put down. From the first page to the final page, suspense, surprise, and an array of characters that come across as real human beings, find themselves dealing with contemporary situations that have become hot issues in today’s news cycle. I am a late-comer to Terri Blackstock even though I have followed her successful career for a while. You can be sure I will look forward to whatever she writes in the future.


I would very much recommend that you get both books in this series.