How to Win Your Child’s Heart For Life by Melanie Redd

Rave Review 2 - How to Win Book CoverMelanie Redd is an amazing writer girl I personally know who practices what she preaches. That is so important to me. It has been my absolute delight to be her close friend over the last year or so.

When you read this book, you will share one of my life’s richest treasures. You will know her heart—her big heart overflowing with love. Every single page is filled with her authentic faith. And be prepared to make a new friend after turning the 123 pages of this book.

Melanie has been married to Randy for 25 years and they have two college-aged kids. I believe her new book, “How to Win Your Child’s Heart For Life,” is not just a ministry, but it can potentially be a movement that will equip the entire body of Christ to more effectively change and restore our beautiful, broken world. It starts in the home with love. It starts with us readers. So grab a copy. And start.

Melanie is a blogger, author, speaker, encourager, and teacher. Her passion is to add HOPE. She has walked and prayed with me through many things in my life. She always, always gives me hope and encouragement because she is a Christian who shines her Jesus love to all.

We know parenting is hard work. It is difficult. I love Melanie’s wisdom on how to be a learning, growing parent. She tells us how to use those teachable moments with our kids in her book. She also tells how to have our child’s heart for life in her definition of being a loving parent. Soak it all in as she lists out eight simple strategies for parents. She believes that if you win their hearts as little children and keep their hearts through their growing up years, that you can have their hearts for life. How wonderful is that!

So in this book, she tells us how to start with number one—prayer. Even though prayer is certainly my top priority, my favorite is number seven—making your home a place of laughter, joy, humor, and fun! Y’all, she does this. I know because I know her. I laugh with her. I hear her laugh. She is the real deal.

Ecclesiastes 3:4 tells us there is “a time to cry and a time to laugh.” Do both of those with your kids. And, please do something else, too: Keep this book on your bedside table for years to come. I am because parenting is complicated and I do not want my life filled with regrets or “if onlys.” She has given each reader of this book a way to give HOPE to the next generation. And I applaud her for that!

Tami Parker Theobald is a writer and photographer from Germantown, TN, formally from the Mississippi Delta town of Sunflower. She has a passion for meeting people’s needs through the written word. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram (tamibug), and Twitter (@TamaraTheobald).