On becoming Mrs. Ginn


     Yes, it’s finally time to write about the wedding! First, I want to tell y’all how I found out that my husband is, in fact, an imperfect human.


     As our wedding drew near, I felt like I was always doing or saying (or not doing, or not saying) something foolish or inconsiderate. Maybe it was all the planning; Stephen is better at that than I am.


     Turns out, I might be better at keeping my cool sometimes when said plans don’t work out.


     We were about to leave our wedding reception, and Stephen had a plan: A violin version of the “Indiana Jones” theme song would play over the speakers, his best man would hand him an Indiana Jones-style hat, and we’d run through the sparklers to the car. (Indy is one of his favorite action heroes.)


     The song played too soon. The sparklers were still being lit, so the timing with the hat was off. The sound guy had to start the track over again. Our guests didn’t notice, but Stephen did, and he was beyond frustrated.


     We had a discussion on the way home: He knew he was overreacting and apologized, but he didn’t understand how such a clear vision in his head couldn’t be brought to life perfectly. Why didn’t everyone do things the way he wanted them done?


     Finally, a character flaw!


     In all seriousness, this is just one of the many ways we’re a perfect fit: He helps me be more proactive, and I help him by not freaking out when plans fall apart. Now, on to the stuff y’all really want to read about!


Some favorite wedding memories:


     Stephen got me a replica of the Evenstar necklace from the “Lord of the Rings” movies as a wedding gift. I had my suspicions after he started getting cocky about his gift for me. Sure enough, when I read his card (we opened our gifts separately on our wedding day), he’d written a quote from “Fellowship of the Ring,” and I knew. That necklace from Stephen — which I didn’t wear during the ceremony, but only because it would’ve overwhelmed the dress — did as much to make me feel beautiful as all the hair and makeup stuff combined. (For my gift to him, I got him three record albums to add to my — now our — collection: two by Coldplay, and one by Jack Johnson.)


     Because of its convenient location, the bridesmaids and I waited in the women’s restroom just before go time for the ceremony. I wound up surprising several folks who came into the bathroom for their own “go time.” Hilarious.


     Our first dance started off slow before transitioning to Redbone’s “Come and Get Your Love,” one of Stephen’s favorites from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” soundtrack. I think Chris Pratt would be proud.


Some favorite honeymoon memories:


     We arrived at the Jamaican resort right at sunset. As we walked through the lobby and saw the view out the back, I was amazed. Pink sky, palm trees, and the Caribbean Sea, all in perfect alignment. I kept hitting Stephen and going, “Look at this. Look at this.” The view from our balcony was even better.


     A couple’s massage in a gazebo where we could hear the waves playing on the shore.


     Blackened fish with lemon aioli. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten.


     Room service breakfast on our balcony nearly every morning.


     Lying in the shade of a palm tree on the beach and reading aloud to Stephen from a fluffy Christian romance.


     Dancing in front of a crowd (again). The vocalist performing on the terrace that night encouraged “brave” female guests onto the floor, and Stephen physically pushed me out of my chair. Then after I and another woman had goofed around up front for a minute, the singer said to go get our partners. The other husband bailed, so it was just Stephen and me. Glad we’d had some practice at the wedding!


     This month is our Men’s Issue, and I could write a whole Editor’s Letter on all the ways Stephen is an amazing man. He’s fun, tender, curious, repentant when he needs to be, and always communicates with me, even when it’s uncomfortable. Like the men in our cover story (page 16), he has Jesus to credit for that. May we all seek to be godly men and women, admit when we mess up, and keep pursuing our Savior with everything we have!



Katie Eubanks Ginn