Fenley Akers Davis

Age 28
Married to Price Davis (5 years)
Mother to daughter Paschal (Newborn)


Work Background: Administrative Assistant to Governor Phil Bryant; Account Executive WLBT News Channel 3; Co-Founder + Director of Development Club Sally; Marketing Planner C Spire; and Account Manager C Spire


What has thus far been the most surprising thing to you about these first weeks as a mother?


Caring for a newborn is quite tedious! It is both surprising and amazing how little sleep is required to keep a newborn and household running smoothly.


When you look at the world in which Paschal will live, what are your priorities in parenting?

At times, imagining the world Paschal will grow up in can seem daunting. But regardless of the ever-changing, tumultuous environment of our world today, Price and I agree that our number one priority is being committed to raising her in a Christ-like home filled with love and grace so she can apply these principles for a lifetime.




Jasmine Holmes

Age 28
Married to Phillip (4 years)
Mother to Wynn (age 2)


Work Background: High School and Writer


2018 has been called “The Year of the Woman.” As a Millennial, a Believer, a wife, mother, and a gifted writer, how do you keep your balance and your sheer sanity in the midst of the loud voices that dominate secular culture?


Sometimes, I don’t stay sane! My husband is one of my biggest advocates when it comes to learning how to balance all of the different aspects of my identity. He is quick to remind me of God’s truth in the midst of dividing my focus between teaching, writing, and mothering. I try to remember that I am not just wife, just mom, or just teacher; all of those different aspects play into the woman God made me to be. There is beauty in the balancing act.



Pro-Life Mississippi