Charles and I are just back from ten days in France. I actually have two CD’s full of photos, but I pulled just a few to share with you. From that first sun-rise glimpse on the morning we landed through the post-card perfect countryside of Provence and the sights and sounds of Paris, I took it all in.

I used to just hate it when enthusiastic friends came back from a vacation with an album filled with pictures of museums, relics, and random sights that I could not fully appreciate. I always wanted to ask why they didn’t take pictures of people. And here I am doing exactly that!

I have to laugh at the different way Charles and I approach our picture taking. I’m thinking, “Take my picture in front of the Eiffel Tower,” and he is thinking, “Move over. I am trying to take a picture.”

I kept a journal of my trip. I don’t know if anyone except moi will ever want to read it – but I will enjoy reading and remembering it for a long time. I can honestly say that the neatest thing about the last ten days was that I did not “hurry” through even one second. Everyday was filled with “living in the moment” and being completely surrounded by beautiful sights, friendly people, and my favorite companion…and my cup runneth over!

It was good to walk out and leave things in the capable hands of Kari and Christi. The June issue is looking good, thanks to them. It should be on the streets by the end of next week.