March 2016

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Cover Story:

2016 Christian Leaders of the Future

Editor’s Letter:

EDITOR’S LETTER—Future Leaders Need Our Prayers

More Great Articles:

THE WAY I SEE IT—Reclaiming an Authentic Faith

LET’S TALK IT OVER—Impacting Others for Good

THE DOCTOR IS IN—Traveling with Children

RAVE REVIEWS—Not All Roads Lead to Heaven

FOOD FOR THOUGHT—Mississippi Church Suppers

WHAT’S GOING ON—Racin’ for the Seed!

LEGAL ADVICE—Accidental Disinheritance

EDUCATION CONNECTION—On Being a Small Fish in a Large Pond

WELCOME HOME—The Haygood Group Transforms Outdoor Spaces

NEW BUSINESS PROFILE—Beau Ridge Is a Welcoming Community for Seniors

LIVING MY CALL—Leadership Is About Perspective

LAGNIAPPE—College Adjustment 101 for Parents and Kids

QUIPS & QUOTES—March 2016

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