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In the world of music, Carissa M. shines as a rising artist, infusing soulful pop and Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) into her melodies and lyrics. Her musical journey began in a home resonating with harmonies, leading her to sing at church and explore instruments. This path nurtured her songwriting, shaping her unique sound. 

Carissa’s music is characterized by emotive vocals and introspective lyrics touching on themes of love, growth and faith. Her style, influenced by legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Adele, resonates deeply with listeners. Her Christian influences, including Amanda Cook and Katie Torwalt, shape her powerful yet vulnerable approach.

Beyond melodies, Carissa M.’s music is a conduit for spiritual connection. She aims to bridge listeners’ connections with God and offer reassurance through life’s challenges. Her songs echo life’s complexities, reminding us we’re not alone on our journey.

At the core of this narrative is Carissa M.’s latest single, “Oxygen.” Available on all streaming platforms, it’s a musical breath of fresh air, capturing the essence of finding strength in faith during adversity. The song’s captivating melody and poignant lyrics mirror the life-giving force of spiritual sustenance.

Carissa’s horizon is bright with promises of new music and media appearances. As her journey unfolds, she remains an authentic voice, sharing her struggles, growth, and unwavering faith. Her message is clear: Faith is a journey filled with questions, challenges, and transformation.

In a world seeking hope and authenticity, Carissa M. stands as a beacon, reminding us that music has the power to transcend, connect and uplift. From her humble beginnings to the release of “Oxygen,” her story is a testament to the profound impact of music on our spiritual and emotional landscapes. As the chapters of her musical journey continue to unfold, we eagerly anticipate the melodies she’ll craft and the hearts she’ll touch.

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