By Scot Thigpen

Protecting Your Game Plan



Kitchen Tune-Up

I have a friend who is a coach. His team had a game coming up that he needed to prepare them for. I was surprised at the tenacious priority that he placed on viewing the opposing team’s game film until he explained. What he was doing by studying the game film of the opposition was to try to identify their weak spots so his team could attack those weak spots, and try to win the game. He needed to study the film and find where each opposing player was the most vulnerable. Once those weaknesses were identified, he could construct his game plan accordingly.

If Satan had game film of your life, where would he find the weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Know for sure that he desires to exploit those weak spots and attack them. We need to be aware of those weaknesses in our lives in order to both strengthen them and protect them from attack. You may find that a leisurely stroll on the Internet is where you are vulnerable. Or perhaps you are prone to idolatry by seeing something advertised that you feel you are not complete without. A lunch with a co-worker, a beer with the guys, a comparison with somebody’s success, power plays, pride, bitterness, anger—the list is endless. A new Christian as well as those who have walked with the Lord for many years, becomes very aware of what is revealed from our game film. Some of these areas feel like small battles. Others feel like full onslaught warfare.

It is equally important to protect ourselves from what appears to be our strong spots as well. Satan is crafty and tricky, a deceiver. Those perceived strong areas can go unprotected and might be the very areas that get attacked if not carefully and thoroughly protected.

I have always been an index card guy. Anytime there was something important to learn, the index cards would come out. We did this exercise in our Sunday school class recently. Take an index card and write the opposition’s name on the front side. It is important to name the enemy and be aware that he not only wants to beat you in some game, he wants to utterly destroy you. On the back, list the vulnerable spots that are revealed on your game film. Now list the strong spots where you think there is no weakness. Know and protect both of these areas.

Others may not have access to our game film, but Satan surely does. This is one of many reasons we need accountability partners. We share both the vulnerabilities as well as the perceived strong areas in order to constantly be on guard from Satan’s game plan. They say the best defense is a good offense. Enter the gospel. The good news of the gospel is that iniquity and sin have been defeated by Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection for all those who believe. We are protected, empowered, reign victorious because Jesus has won the victory. Nothing brings more joy to Him than our trusting, faithful, obedient, abiding in Him to the glory of the Father. The sure and certain victory has been won!



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