By Don Waller


Left to right: Lucy, Don, Yonnie, Don, Jr. and Anne Overton Waller

How to Lead and Father Well


Every man has an influence on someone; furthermore, every man is somehow affected by the leadership of others. Today, we are feeling the impact of a leadership crisis in America within the establishments of our government, businesses, churches and, most importantly, our homes. In light of this, how can a man channel his influence on others around him in order to create a positive impact?


Leadership starts with knowing our role as men—headship.


“For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself it’s Savior…Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her,” Ephesians 5:23, 25. Knowing that Christ gave His life for His bride provides us with our example in the roles of husband and father. When we realize that becoming a leader starts by denying ourselves and serving in favor of others, we become successful leaders.


As a father of three, I have learned that my relationship with Christ is vital to my role as a father. The more I develop that relationship, the more wisdom, patience, guidance, and love is developed through me to help guide them into the mature adults that God desires.


To have a positive and Christ-like impact on others, we must first determine how we treat others. Are we earning their trust by keeping our word, listening intently to them, valuing their opinion, and respecting them as having been created in God’s image? Leadership God’s way has to be developed, and this starts by connecting with Christ-centered men. “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another,” Proverbs 27:17.


Community is an overused word today, but true community is necessary to develop men into authentic leaders. Small groups are an excellent way to allow other men into your life. I have been a part of a group of three men, weekly studying scripture, asking accountability questions, and praying for one another for many years now. I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of having other men investing in my life.


Whether you are a husband, father, or leader, following God is central if you want to impact others. God is committed to us and He understands what we need to be effective, He is there to grow us up in Christ, to equip us to love well, and to lead well. He is for us!


Who will you affect today with your leadership and will they experience the grace and love of Jesus Christ?


Don Waller is part of the counseling team at Summit Counseling of Jackson. He can be contacted at or 601.949.1949.

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