After Carolyn Hall received a dementia diagnosis, she and her husband, Jerry, found the care she needed at St. Catherine’s Village in Madison


Like many people in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the signs were there for Carolyn Hall: forgetfulness, struggling to find the right words, not paying a few bills on time. But Mrs. Hall was only in her late 50s, so she and her husband, Jerry, looked to their doctor for other explanations. After extensive research, Mr. Hall’s fears were confirmed … his wife did have dementia. That’s when his journey to memory care at St. Catherine’s Village began. 

At first, Mr. Hall cared for Mrs. Hall at their home in Vicksburg. Things were OK until COVID-19 hit and accelerated Mrs. Hall’s cognitive decline. Even after hiring in-home caregivers, caring for her became too much for him to handle. A colleague had retired to St. Catherine’s, and Mr. Hall knew a board member at the all-inclusive Life Plan Community, so he checked out the property. After visiting, he knew this was the place where his wife would have the best quality of life.

Mr. Hall’s hope was to have Mrs. Hall admitted into Campbell Cove memory care at St. Catherine’s. Unfortunately, she needed more support, and she was accepted into skilled nursing in Hughes Center. Directly connected to Campbell Cove, Hughes Center offers person-centered care with sensory-stimulating and enriching activities to help preserve each resident’s cognitive health. Another advantage of skilled nursing was that a physician visited Mrs. Hall on site so she would not have to leave her familiar surroundings, which often caused agitation.

Soon after moving in, Mrs. Hall’s condition improved … so much so that the St. Catherine’s staff recommended she move into Campbell Cove. While it’s common for residents to move from memory care to skilled nursing, it’s rare that someone does the opposite!

Being able to receive the right level of care at the right time on the same campus is one of the main benefits of living in an all-inclusive Life Plan Community like St. Catherine’s. Residents can transition from one service level to another while remaining in a familiar environment. Becoming a member of the St. Catherine’s community did require an up-front investment from the Halls. However, Mr. Hall — a retired banker — realized that the long-term financial stability was worth it.

Now 74, Mrs. Hall is doing well in Campbell Cove — interacting with others and dancing, doing a little soft shoe. She feels comfortable, which is a great comfort for Mr. Hall. He sings the praises of everyone at St. Catherine’s and believes Mrs. Hall is getting the best care possible — care that he could not duplicate at home.

He also appreciates that St. Catherine’s is a Christian organization and calls the community a blessing. The couple’s daughter and her family live nearby in Madison, and she visits her mom weekly. Although their son is in Memphis, he agrees that St. Catherine’s is the right place for Mrs. Hall.

Located on 160 picturesque acres in Madison, St. Catherine’s is a private, gated community boasting a caring staff, on-site resident-centered care, and a mission-focused environment. It was the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Mississippi to earn accreditation by CARF-CCAC. This “commitment to excellence” seal signifies that the campus exceeds the standards established by the only international accrediting body for CCRCs.

On campus are independent living in apartments and garden homes, assisted living in Marian Hall, memory care in Campbell Cove, and skilled nursing in Hughes Center, Siena Center and Tuscany.

To learn more about senior living options at St. Catherine’s Village Life Plan Community, visit or call 601-856-0123 to schedule a tour.