When I first came to work for Pro-Life Mississippi, I did not tell them I had an abortion in my past. I was one of the millions of women sitting at church and suffering in silence. I was ashamed of what I had done and did not think anyone would forgive me.


     Everything changed when I and a PLM board member, Ester Mann, started working on a brochure titled “God’s love and forgiveness: Have I gone too far by having an abortion for God to love me?” I realized that I needed to ask God to forgive me for the sin of abortion.


     For years, I did not talk about my abortion experience. Then I met another woman who I knew was hurting from her past abortion, and I wanted her to get help. I told her if she attended an abortion recovery class, I would do it with her. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I am so glad I did. Now I have close friends who are godly women, as well as my Lord Jesus Christ.


     At Pro-Life Mississippi, I am part of a unique group of Christians from many denominations who are united in their mission to not only save the pre-born from abortion, but to also save men and women from the trauma of abortion regret and guilt.


     Guilt, regrets and sin keep each of us who was involved in the abortion experience separated from God and in need of healing that only Jesus Christ can provide. Abortion does not just affect the woman, but also the father of the child, the grandparents, the siblings, and the friend who may have helped with the abortion decision.


     Between 1973 and 2021, there were 252,738 Mississippi women who received an abortion. If you take the number of women and include the men, her parents, and his parents, you have 1,516,428 souls in need of healing.


     Considering the ripple effect of abortion trauma, Pro-Life Mississippi started organizing confidential post-abortion Bible studies at our office, which were open to men and women. Led by Barbara Beavers and other volunteers, “Forgiven and Set Free” post-abortion groups have met in person and via Zoom.


     This year, Pro-Life Mississippi is joining SaveOne Ministries to provide faith-based abortion recovery groups statewide. SaveOne provides separate study guides for men, women, and family members that can be done simultaneously in one small group. We are planning a SaveOne chapter leader training in Hattiesburg on January 7 at Hardy Street Baptist Church. Our first SaveOne group will begin in late January at our Flowood office.

As a follow-up to these small group classes, Pro-Life Mississippi hosts monthly meetings called “Third Tuesday Gatherings” at the Flowood office. People can come hear testimonies and learn about the healing available through Jesus Christ. Men and women who have been healed are able to help those still struggling and teach the next generation, so they do not suffer from the same choices.


Tammy Tillman has been the office manager at Pro-Life Mississippi for 13 years. She is an Army veteran, a grandmother and a great-grandmother, and has a bachelor of science degree in information technology. She lives in Richland and attends Abundant Love Fellowship Church in Florence.