Sound the trumpet,

Call the Holy One!

Emergency within,

Inside the church,

A desperate need,

Lord, it hurts.

Enemy’s attacking,

On every side,

God, be Strong,

In Thee we hide.

There will be a Church,

There will be a Bride,

It’s said in your Word,

You cannot lie.

This is Your battle,

Fight hard for us, Lord

Use your stones and sling,

Don’t forget the Sword.

Strengthen the head,

The angels of the Church,

Keep them in the Way,

Don’t let them get hurt.

Let us praise you,

To ward off attacks,

We are your Army,

We’ve got your back!

On the Word of God,

Help us to stay,

It’s our foundation,

The only true Way.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

All praises to the King,

This test we will pass,

Then we’ll truly sing!

Sheena Baker is from New Albany, has two daughters, and attends True Bible Way Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Houston, Mississippi. She loves God and serving people.